UniPage is an Australian owned and operated company. Supplying commercial grade on-site paging communications to all industries.
We take pride in our product design and development, working constantly with our customers to provide suitable and revenue improving solutions.

Restaurant pagers (buzzers), poker machine paging, staff paging and other on-site paging solutions.

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Popular Products

TableCall Button to Wait Staff

The PTX Call Button was especially designed to service the hospitality industry. This product is perfect for venues that desire or require to offer service in their dining rooms or bar areas. Each button is mounted onto the table and your guests now have the opportunity to alert staff when they require a drink, service or any other items. 
A PTX Call Button mounted at the kitchen can also alert Wait Staff when a meal is ready for delivery to the table.

Advantages of the PTX Call Button:

  • NO PC required
  • Easy install
  • Battery powered – long life
  • Expandable (1-10000) tables
  • Cost effective
  • Automatic call repeats & escalate
  • Table – Drink, Service, Meal and Cancel buttons (user defined)
  • Kitchen-to-Wait Staff Call point

DigiNotify Paging system

  • Beep/vibe/flash alert
  • Multi coloured LED
  • LED digital display – perfect for low light settings
  • AAA user- replaceable rechargeable batteries – save on ongoing maintenance costs
  • Sealed and protected against liquid
  • SMART charging indicator
  • POS integration ready
  • Expandable and easy to use

FUSION Paging System

  • Beep/vibe/flash
  • Multi coloured LED
  • LED digital number display – perfect for low light settings
  • Purpose built advertising space
  • Sealed and protected against liquid
  • SMART charging indicator
  • POS integration ready
  • All-in-one charger/transmitter
  • Expandable and easy to use

Hardware based solution

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Poker Machine Paging Solutions

UniPage has a range of products that can service your venue’s gaming floor. Our products have been designed for your patrons to quickly and efficiently receive service from their machines. Speak to our staff today to explore the solutions we have available.

  • Efficient communication between patrons and staff
  • Can integrate with all EGM (poker machine) providers
  • VIP/Priority paging
  • Call zoning and escalations customisable
  • Hardware solution – NO PC required
  • System can be accessed through any smart phone, tablet or computer
  • Reporting and logs available
  • POS integration ready


  • Automate people counting in your retail store, gym, pub, hotel, club etc (VIDEO)
  • Display live feed on monitor or TV
  • Alert management and visitors when store capacity has been reached (pager and visual)
  • Stats and reporting available
  • Thermal Interface optional (VIDEO)

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