UniPage On-Site paging systems:

  • PatronCall – Alert Patrons for meal collection or table ready
  • StaffCall – Alert staff with tone, numeric or alpha messaging
  •  WTXGaming/ POSEGM and POS interface – SMS and Paging (web and multiple interfaces
  • WaiterCall – Call from Tablet to Pager  – Alert waitstaff as to meal pick-up ready
  • ALTTX – Universal paging encoder/keyboard – page from Tablet/
  • PokieCall – Drinks, Service, Payout from EGM to staf
  • LAN Paging – Alphanumeric paging from the network to staff
  • Machine monitoring & control – oil pressure or alarm faults reporting to maintenance staff
  • Guest/Table location – locate guests within the venue

 Notify V2 – PatronCall

  •  Page Guests for meal/table ready
  • Rechargeable on stack
  • Robust Pagers
  • User replaceable AAA batteries

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WTX-01 GAMING & POS system applications – SMS and Paging – NEWEST PRODUCT

  • Send SMS text and/or Paging messages
  • LAN/WiFi/Bluetooth/BLE/RS232/USB Host interfaces
  • Local keypad/keyboard for message dispatch
  • Message dispatch from mobile phone to pager
  • Interfaces to all EGM loyalty manufacturers
    • Web interface
    • Emailed LOG files
    • Priority queuing
    • Call escalation
    • No PC required
  • Interfaces to POS manufacturers
    • Web interface
    • Emailed LOG files
    • Stock management
    • No PC required

If you require a custom build – contact UniPage!

WTX – Universal paging/SMS encoder – Brochure

WTX-01 Universal Messaging Solution – GAMING screen shots

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Don’t want a round one?

(Product may differ from image shown)

PTX – CallPoint

  • Page staff for service at EGM or within venue
  • 2/4 line display
  • Robust alphanumeric pager
  • Battery operated

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WaiterCall from Tablet
(No PC, ROUTER or internet required) – multiple Tablets as Call or Cancel panels.

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Universal paging from Tablet/s (No PC, ROUTER or internet required)

PatronCall and TableRove

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UniPage V3 encoder

  • RS232/USB Communications to Host
  • WiFi/Bluetooth
  • Dry-contact message triggering
  • Hi-power transmitter
  • Multiple embedded drivers (security, pokies etc)

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MTX-1 fixed transmitter

  • Page guests with a ‘press-of-a-button’
  • Alphanumeric messaging
  • Repeaters available
  • Battery or power pack operated

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MTX-Pendant transmitter

  • Page guests with a ‘press-of-a-button’
  • Alphanumeric messaging
  • Repeaters available
  • Portable & battery operated

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Guest/Table Location

Table Location
  • Locate guests within venue
  • Page guests
  • Networked graphic layout of tables with call types
  • Expandable

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