Poker Machine Paging Solutions

UniPage has a range of Poker Machine paging equipment to suit your budget and gaming room size. We understand the importance of offering your guests the best possible service and our products are an essential tool in helping your venue achieve this.

PTX Gaming Button

The PTX gaming button was especially designed to service the poker machine market. This product is perfect for smaller venues that desire to offer service in their gaming rooms. Each button is mounted onto the assigned machine and your guests now have the opportunity to alert staff when they require a drink, service or payout.
Advantages of the PTX Gaming Button:

  • NO PC required
  • Easy install
  • Cost effective
  • Automatic call repeats
  • Drink, Service, Payout and Cancel buttons

UniPage V3 Paging Solution

The UniPage V3 offers the latest in paging technology. The UniPage V3 connects and integrates with your existing EGM provider and provides a feature rich paging system to complement your gaming room.
Advantages of the V3 paging solution:

  • VIP/Priority paging
  • Call zoning and escalations customisable
  • Dynamic call distribution
  • Minimal set up costs
  • No PC required
  • This system can be accessed by smart phone, tablet or PC
  • TV interface
  • Analytics and log file module (added option)
  • SMS capabilities (optional)