Staff/Waiter Paging

Communication with staff is vital for any business. Our products can help in a variety of ways to improve operations within your business. UniPage Staff and Waiter Paging Solutions offer alphanumeric messages (custom set by you) to be sent to staff. The UniPage systems are completely wireless and effective in notifying staff in an instant.

If you have a particular application in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a custom quote.

There are many benefits to using a UniPage Staff Paging system:

  • It is cost effective
  • It cuts through noise
  • It is a discreet way to alert staff
  • It provides coverage where wifi and cellular lack
  • It is a dedicated system, no ongoing costs
  • It is controlled by you

There are a variety of applications this can service:

  • Kitchen-to-staff
  • Management paging
  • Cashier
  • Reception service
  • Loading dock
  • Hearing impaired communications

MTX – Staff Paging

The MTX-1 Call button sends a preprogrammed alphanumeric message to a dedicated pager. This button is battery powered and can be easily mounted to a wall or counter. The MTX-1 solution is perfect of delivery docks, reception areas or unattended bars.
The MTX-1 can also be hard wired into alarms for further functionality.

PTX – Staff Paging

The PTX Staff paging solution is a dynamic messaging solution. The PTX-003 has the flexibility of sending canned messages and dynamic messages when used with a keyboard. The PTX-003 boasts an impressive range and is a great solution to alert staff when they are needed. This system has been commonly used to assist hearing impaired employees.