The COVID-19 pandemic poses many threats to society, our healthcare and the economy. As the landscape changes everyday, so too do the needs of industries. UniPage specialises in on-site communications and many of our products are now being used in new applications to manage the challenges that businesses and organisations now face.

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Hospitality Industries

Wipe with a sanitary wipe and/or sanitising agent (70% > alcohol based)
Place in plastic bag prior to every issue
Consult a medical practitioner for absolute advice!
(Damage can occur to the devices casing if aggressive solvents are used).
Place the pager on the table prior to service period.
Label the pager as ‘DO NOT HANDLE/TOUCH’.
When the order is taken reference the table/pager number.
When alerted the pager will AUTO RESET after 15/30 seconds.
At end of service period collect and replace the pagers In/on the charger for the next days use.


Healthcare and Medical Industries

UniPage PTX-001 Nurse Call Systems

One of the greatest concerns for our country is the threat COVID-19 has on our healthcare system. The UniPage PTX-001 Nurse Call system is unlike others because it is battery backed. It is self contained and comes ready to use. This is perfect for makeshift hospitals and ICU units.

UniPage Queue Management Systems

UniPage’s Patron Call paging systems help manage queues. Pagers place people in an invisible queue and allows them to appropriately distance themselves as they wait. Using the UniPage Patron Call system allows people to wait inside or outside your premises. Built with commercial grade materials, our systems are easy to sanitize between use.


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The UniPage Patron Call range assists Pharmacies in managing their customers in store. By giving one of our pagers to your customers you ensure they have a place in the invisible queue and will be alerted when their script is ready to collect. This frees up your customer to browse your store and physically distance from the waiting area of your store.


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Manage the number of customers in your store with the UniPage Store Live Attendance Metre. Using dual beams at entries and exits, UniPage is able to monitor and display the number of people in your store. Alert will be sent out when the capacity is exceeded. All presets and alerts are configured by you. This system provides clear communication for your staff and your waiting customers.

Hospitality Industries