DigiNotify Paging System – 20 Kit


DigiNotify Paging System – 20 Kit

A standard complete kit of 20 consists of:

  • 20 DigiNotify pagers
      • Digital LED number display
      • SMART charging display
      • AAA Ni-MH user replaceable batteries
      • Vibe/beep/flash alert
      • LIMITATION – these starter kits provide numbers 1 to 20 only as a factory setting (multiple sets will duplicate numbers).
        Use the add-on pager shopping option for numbers above 20
  • 2 chargers (1 power supply + daisy chain included)
      • 1 charger per 10 pagers
  • 1 PTX transmitter (1 power supply included)
      • Powerful range – 1km line of sight
      • Onsite program capabilities
      • Optional: Staff paging can be programmed onto this

*This bundle price is for 20 pager systems ONLY. If additional pagers are required, please contact our team for a formal quote.

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The UniPage DigiNotify system allows businesses to organise their patrons into an invisible queue. Businesses can discreetly alert their patron when their wait is over. The DigiNotify system is reliable, simple to use and maintain.