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Pagers & Best COVIDSAFE Practices

Managing Queues and COVIDSAFE Practices

With the news overnight of Victoria heading into Stage 4 restrictions businesses are feeling the pinch more than ever. It’s important, while we still can, to continue to operate but it is even more important to keep up our COVIDSAFE practices. In light of that, here are a few ways our UniPage PatronCall Range can help your business.

Manage Your Crowds… I mean queues!

Being in the midst of this pandemic has made me nervously notice just the slightest of crowds. Most of the time this is unintentional but we can sure be doing more to avoid our queues turning into crowds. This is not just limited to the food service industry. I have been in crowded spaces waiting for my script at the pharmacy or even in line to the medical centre. Usually people hang about because they want to be in earshot when whatever they’ve been waiting for is ready e.g. their meal, their script, their turn to see the doctor. Handing a pager to your waiting guest gives them the peace of mind knowing they will not miss their turn and can then encourage them to be more socially distant while waiting.

Dining In

Many restaurants are facing a tight balancing act when they decide to open their doors. Managing takeaway orders (and all the delivery drivers that come with that), the restricted number of people allowed within your premises and timed sittings of dine in guests are just some of the decisions that your business is likely facing. We have already established that using pagers can help you manage the flow of people waiting in your corridors but I’d like to turn my attention to the benefits of using our pagers specifically for dine in guests. In order to make trading viable, many restaurants have introduced a limited sitting time for their dine in guests. Two hours has been my experience. Placing a pager on the table and alerting your guests when their sitting is almost finished is a non confrontational way to keep on top of things. A double bonus is that you can display instructions and QR codes onto our pagers for your guests to register their visit.

Clean, clean, clean!

Duh! All of UniPage’s products are commercial grade which means they can withstand being cleaned after every use. We recommend using a 70% alcohol based cleaning agent. We have also seen some of our customers hand out their pagers in disposable plastic or paper bags to minimise the contact the end customer has with the pager.

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of operating a business. UniPage is here to support you through these changes. Contact someone from our team today to discuss a solution right for you.

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