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Making Use of Your Outdoor Spaces

Are there spaces in your venue that could be used to increase your venue’s capacity? How do you service those areas under the new regulations? 

Number restrictions and new venue regulations have been at the forefront of our battle to bring business back to the hospitality industry. A few difficulties that venues are facing when attempting to comply with these new regulations are: 

  • Encouraging patrons to physically distance 
  • Encouraging patrons to stay seated when drinking 
  • Encouraging patrons to make use of all areas and spaces of their venue

Depending on your type of service i.e. table service or guest collection, UniPage products offer your venue discreet and effective communication between staff and guests to help tackle these issues. 

Staff Paging (Waiter Call)

Mounting some of our service buttons on tables or in different service areas allows your patrons to be confident that they will get the attention of your service staff with ease. Our PTX-1 service buttons are completely wireless and speak directly to staff pagers with 3 customisable messages set by the venue. This will encourage your patrons to stay seated at their tables.

PatronCall (Guest Pagers)

When handing a buzzer to your guests you can prevent them from overcrowding different areas. This form of food collection is far superior to the chaos of yelling out numbers or displaying order numbers on a television. 

All of our products are commercial grade so you can be confident of the quality and coverage you will receive. 

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Need An Extra Pair of Hands?

The warmer weather is here and school holidays are almost upon us. This is an exciting time for our industry as we face the prospect of increased business but is your business prepared? It can be hard to manage the surge of business in the school holidays. In order to still turn a profit, balancing staff costs in peak times can be very challenging. Using either our Guest or Staff paging systems can give you that extra pair of hands that you need during your busiest times.

Guest Paging

A Guest Paging system works on the principle of reducing your staff’s responsibilities. It shifts the responsibility of food collection onto the customer which is beneficial in many ways:

  • More Efficient Staff
    Letting your guests know when their meal is ready for collection can free up your staff to turn their attention to their other tasks such as customer service and cleaning. Having fewer responsibilities can also mean you require less staff on each roster.
  • Utilise your venue’s space
    Using a paging system allows venues to take advantage of the warmer weather and utilise their outdoor spaces. This is particularly noteworthy as venues seek to ensure adequate social distancing protocol is followed. Our systems are equipped with powerful transmitters that should not have a problem in achieving the range desired.
  • Reduce the chances of food going cold
    The use of guest paging systems in the Australian market comes hand in hand with dining out. Guests know exactly what their role is once a pager has been handed to them so they are less likely to let their food go uncollected or cold.

Staff Paging

It can be a hard juggle for your staff to be on top of everything that is required of them. Installing staff paging in your food service area can use your staff’s time more efficiently as they are only paged when they are required.

The most common configurations for this sort of paging are:

  • Table to staff
    Discreet service buttons are mounted onto the table. This will encourage your guests to stay seated as they can gain your staff’s attention with ease. Venues have found an increase in customer satisfaction when implementing this kind of system because of how quickly guests are served.
  • Kitchen to staff
    Kitchen notify staff when food is available for delivery or when they are required. This frees up your staff to focus on other duties without having to worry about keeping their eye on the kitchen. This kind of configuration is particularly handy for venues that service a large space.

Contact UniPage today on 02 9412 2288 or email us to discuss a solution right for you.

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Guest Paging – 4 Benefits

Guest pagers as we know them have been around for the past two decades. UniPage started manufacturing our own (BY HAND!) all those years ago. As the use of these pagers have become common practice, we have begun to see the power behind this humble product to grow businesses. Here are 4 reflections on how using Guest paging can have a positive impact for your operations:

1. Reduce Overheads and Increase Capacity

In the Australian market, the majority of businesses use guest paging to alert their customers when their meal is ready for pick up. This style of food service is very common to see here due to the high cost of wages. Comparatively, installing a guest paging system has minimal ongoing costs which means you can assign your staff to other roles. Suddenly a 3-person bistro operation can now have the capacity to serve a greater number of meals during peak times without having dedicated staff to deliver them.

This is it! The first UniPage BPE encoder made by hand!

2. Prevent Mishaps

One client of ours recently commented that they were throwing 100 meals out per week due to the amount of time their wait staff were spending trying to spot their customers. By the time the food was delivered it was cold and sent back to the kitchen. This not only costs your business money but it also sours the experience of your patrons with your venue. By using a UniPage Guest Paging system you are able to let your customers know within an instant when their meal is ready for collection.

3. Freedom

Handing a pager to your guest allows them to enjoy different parts of your venue while they wait. Since the delivery of their meal is not reliant on them sitting at their table, your guests can enjoy the bar and other entertainment areas while not having to worry about missing their meal. Having this freedom might also open up different areas of service within your venue.

FUSION Guest Pager with dedicated advertising panel

4. A Bonus Benefit

An often-overlooked feature of our Guest pagers is the role they can play in customer engagement. Our pagers can be branded with your business’s logo as well as advertising weekly specials or upcoming events. Having this as another avenue to promote your business is a feature that should be utilized.

Our Guest Pagers are reliable and designed with the hospitality industry in mind. Speak to a member of our team today to see how our systems can help you streamline your business.

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Grow Gaming Revenue With Paging

Grow Gaming Revenue With Paging

UniPage has spent the past 25 years servicing this sector in the hospitality industry. It is a common myth to think that implementing this sort of solution is just for larger pubs and clubs. Installing a paging system in your gaming room is a sure-fire way to increase revenue no matter the size. But how?

Minimise time spent away from the machine
Drinks and Service

Providing your guests with an easy way to communicate with your staff is at the heart of what a paging system does for your venue. UniPage’s Gaming Solutions can provide buttons to mount on the poker machines or we can integrate with your gaming provider to take advantage of the service buttons your poker machines already have.

Giving your guests the opportunity to order drinks and snacks from the comfort of their seat minimises the time spent away from the machine. This can also grow the revenue coming from the food and beverage department that you may not have otherwise received.

Similarly, if a machine becomes out of order while a guest is using it, having a quick way to notify staff minimises the time the machine is out of service. With a simple press of a button your staff will see the machine number and the type of service your guest requires instantly.

VIP & Customer Relations

Using a paging system in your gaming room can take your customer service to the next level. Many venues already have loyalty schemes and tiered membership and with the UniPage V3 Paging Solution staff can receive vital detailed information to complement customer service strategies already in place. With UniPage’s V3 Paging Solution staff members can receive a message when a VIP signs into the venue, when they require service (prioritized over other guests) and other user defined parameters.  At this level the paging system is not just a paging system but an important tool to grow your customer relations and in result increase your revenue.  

Greater Insights

UniPage offers an analytics package along with our V3 solution. This package gives you a snapshot into your staff’s performance but also the types of calls received in your venue. Having this information at your fingertips can equip you to focus your attention on areas that are thriving or lacking in your service.

UniPage has systems that can cater for any sized venue and has a wealth of experience in implementation. Contact us for more information or a live demo

UniPage V3 Paging System

Key Features:

  • EGM Intergration
  • VIP/Priority Paging
  • Logs and analytics package (optional)
  • Call repeats and escalations
    • Parameters set by venue
  • Web interface
    • Accessed through any web browsing device on the network
  • Manage and roster staff
  • No yearly servicing fees
  • Multiple zoning options
  • TV Interface

PTX-01 Gaming Solution

Key Features:

  • Stand alone system
    • NO PC required
    • Independent system
  • 3 customisable messages + 1 cancel button
    • Service/Drink/Payout (or custom message)
  • Automatic call repeats
    • Never miss a call
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to install and use
  • Perfect for smaller venues

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Pagers & Best COVIDSAFE Practices

Managing Queues and COVIDSAFE Practices

With the news overnight of Victoria heading into Stage 4 restrictions businesses are feeling the pinch more than ever. It’s important, while we still can, to continue to operate but it is even more important to keep up our COVIDSAFE practices. In light of that, here are a few ways our UniPage PatronCall Range can help your business.

Manage Your Crowds… I mean queues!

Being in the midst of this pandemic has made me nervously notice just the slightest of crowds. Most of the time this is unintentional but we can sure be doing more to avoid our queues turning into crowds. This is not just limited to the food service industry. I have been in crowded spaces waiting for my script at the pharmacy or even in line to the medical centre. Usually people hang about because they want to be in earshot when whatever they’ve been waiting for is ready e.g. their meal, their script, their turn to see the doctor. Handing a pager to your waiting guest gives them the peace of mind knowing they will not miss their turn and can then encourage them to be more socially distant while waiting.

Dining In

Many restaurants are facing a tight balancing act when they decide to open their doors. Managing takeaway orders (and all the delivery drivers that come with that), the restricted number of people allowed within your premises and timed sittings of dine in guests are just some of the decisions that your business is likely facing. We have already established that using pagers can help you manage the flow of people waiting in your corridors but I’d like to turn my attention to the benefits of using our pagers specifically for dine in guests. In order to make trading viable, many restaurants have introduced a limited sitting time for their dine in guests. Two hours has been my experience. Placing a pager on the table and alerting your guests when their sitting is almost finished is a non confrontational way to keep on top of things. A double bonus is that you can display instructions and QR codes onto our pagers for your guests to register their visit.

Clean, clean, clean!

Duh! All of UniPage’s products are commercial grade which means they can withstand being cleaned after every use. We recommend using a 70% alcohol based cleaning agent. We have also seen some of our customers hand out their pagers in disposable plastic or paper bags to minimise the contact the end customer has with the pager.

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of operating a business. UniPage is here to support you through these changes. Contact someone from our team today to discuss a solution right for you.

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