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Guest Paging – 4 Benefits

Guest pagers as we know them have been around for the past two decades. UniPage started manufacturing our own (BY HAND!) all those years ago. As the use of these pagers have become common practice, we have begun to see the power behind this humble product to grow businesses. Here are 4 reflections on how using Guest paging can have a positive impact for your operations:

1. Reduce Overheads and Increase Capacity

In the Australian market, the majority of businesses use guest paging to alert their customers when their meal is ready for pick up. This style of food service is very common to see here due to the high cost of wages. Comparatively, installing a guest paging system has minimal ongoing costs which means you can assign your staff to other roles. Suddenly a 3-person bistro operation can now have the capacity to serve a greater number of meals during peak times without having dedicated staff to deliver them.

This is it! The first UniPage BPE encoder made by hand!

2. Prevent Mishaps

One client of ours recently commented that they were throwing 100 meals out per week due to the amount of time their wait staff were spending trying to spot their customers. By the time the food was delivered it was cold and sent back to the kitchen. This not only costs your business money but it also sours the experience of your patrons with your venue. By using a UniPage Guest Paging system you are able to let your customers know within an instant when their meal is ready for collection.

3. Freedom

Handing a pager to your guest allows them to enjoy different parts of your venue while they wait. Since the delivery of their meal is not reliant on them sitting at their table, your guests can enjoy the bar and other entertainment areas while not having to worry about missing their meal. Having this freedom might also open up different areas of service within your venue.

FUSION Guest Pager with dedicated advertising panel

4. A Bonus Benefit

An often-overlooked feature of our Guest pagers is the role they can play in customer engagement. Our pagers can be branded with your business’s logo as well as advertising weekly specials or upcoming events. Having this as another avenue to promote your business is a feature that should be utilized.

Our Guest Pagers are reliable and designed with the hospitality industry in mind. Speak to a member of our team today to see how our systems can help you streamline your business.