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Grow Gaming Revenue With Paging

Grow Gaming Revenue With Paging

UniPage has spent the past 25 years servicing this sector in the hospitality industry. It is a common myth to think that implementing this sort of solution is just for larger pubs and clubs. Installing a paging system in your gaming room is a sure-fire way to increase revenue no matter the size. But how?

Minimise time spent away from the machine
Drinks and Service

Providing your guests with an easy way to communicate with your staff is at the heart of what a paging system does for your venue. UniPage’s Gaming Solutions can provide buttons to mount on the poker machines or we can integrate with your gaming provider to take advantage of the service buttons your poker machines already have.

Giving your guests the opportunity to order drinks and snacks from the comfort of their seat minimises the time spent away from the machine. This can also grow the revenue coming from the food and beverage department that you may not have otherwise received.

Similarly, if a machine becomes out of order while a guest is using it, having a quick way to notify staff minimises the time the machine is out of service. With a simple press of a button your staff will see the machine number and the type of service your guest requires instantly.

VIP & Customer Relations

Using a paging system in your gaming room can take your customer service to the next level. Many venues already have loyalty schemes and tiered membership and with the UniPage V3 Paging Solution staff can receive vital detailed information to complement customer service strategies already in place. With UniPage’s V3 Paging Solution staff members can receive a message when a VIP signs into the venue, when they require service (prioritized over other guests) and other user defined parameters.  At this level the paging system is not just a paging system but an important tool to grow your customer relations and in result increase your revenue.  

Greater Insights

UniPage offers an analytics package along with our V3 solution. This package gives you a snapshot into your staff’s performance but also the types of calls received in your venue. Having this information at your fingertips can equip you to focus your attention on areas that are thriving or lacking in your service.

UniPage has systems that can cater for any sized venue and has a wealth of experience in implementation. Contact us for more information or a live demo

UniPage V3 Paging System

Key Features:

  • EGM Intergration
  • VIP/Priority Paging
  • Logs and analytics package (optional)
  • Call repeats and escalations
    • Parameters set by venue
  • Web interface
    • Accessed through any web browsing device on the network
  • Manage and roster staff
  • No yearly servicing fees
  • Multiple zoning options
  • TV Interface

PTX-01 Gaming Solution

Key Features:

  • Stand alone system
    • NO PC required
    • Independent system
  • 3 customisable messages + 1 cancel button
    • Service/Drink/Payout (or custom message)
  • Automatic call repeats
    • Never miss a call
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to install and use
  • Perfect for smaller venues