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Making Use of Your Outdoor Spaces

Are there spaces in your venue that could be used to increase your venue’s capacity? How do you service those areas under the new regulations? 

Number restrictions and new venue regulations have been at the forefront of our battle to bring business back to the hospitality industry. A few difficulties that venues are facing when attempting to comply with these new regulations are: 

  • Encouraging patrons to physically distance 
  • Encouraging patrons to stay seated when drinking 
  • Encouraging patrons to make use of all areas and spaces of their venue

Depending on your type of service i.e. table service or guest collection, UniPage products offer your venue discreet and effective communication between staff and guests to help tackle these issues. 

Staff Paging (Waiter Call)

Mounting some of our service buttons on tables or in different service areas allows your patrons to be confident that they will get the attention of your service staff with ease. Our PTX-1 service buttons are completely wireless and speak directly to staff pagers with 3 customisable messages set by the venue. This will encourage your patrons to stay seated at their tables.

PatronCall (Guest Pagers)

When handing a buzzer to your guests you can prevent them from overcrowding different areas. This form of food collection is far superior to the chaos of yelling out numbers or displaying order numbers on a television. 

All of our products are commercial grade so you can be confident of the quality and coverage you will receive.